3 Best Wood Bread Boxes to Keep Bread Fresh

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Best wood bread box

Bamboo looks like wood with a smooth grain and light brown colors, but it is a member of the grass family. As a renewable resource, it starts growing again as soon as it is harvested.

Mature bamboo is ready to harvest every year, and it can grow as much as three feet every day in some climates. Acacia is harder and tougher than English oak, and it grows to a great height but does not live long.

Here are our top 3 wood bread bins pick for bread afficiando who loves a touch of wood in their kitchen.

My #1 Pick: Bamboo Rolltop Bread Box

Bamboo is easy to clean with a mild soap and water, and its non-porous surface prevents absorption of smudges from sticky fingers.

The bread box from Lipper International is handcrafted from natural material to coordinate with other bamboo accessories. In looking for an appropriate storage place to house the delicacies from the best bread maker that you are proud to own, you need one that rates high in each bread maker review that you read.

The beauty of the Lipper product is one that surely complements any kitchen décor you may have. But the best part is it provides ample storage for oversized loaves of bread.

The natural color of bamboo is the shade of honey, and this model is neither stained nor painted. The manufacturer uses glue that is safe for use around food, and it securely holds the strips of bamboo that form the roll top.

Based on a number of reviews, some owners have noticed some imperfections that are to be expected of any natural product. But these reviewers added that these aesthetic imperfection does not affect the opening or closing of the bread box.

#1 Pick for Country-style Lovers

The presence of the best bread maker in your kitchen identifies you as a connoisseur of fine breads, and it is appropriate to acquire a bread box that securely holds your culinary creations.

Francois et Mimi presents a modern bread box that is reminiscent of country kitchens in the south of France. A tight seal is provided by a magnetic door, and a smoothly operating hinge makes the unit a pleasure to use.

Slightly longer than most bread boxes at 17 inches, its rectangular shape allows a large door to open and close easily. The classic design complements any style of kitchen décor, and the flat top provides convenient storage space.

Made entirely of bamboo, the honey color is pleasing. The magnetic seal on the door that keeps your bread or other baked goods fresh and tasty is a feature that is not found on all bread boxes.

Real Wood with Tight-Seal Magnetic Door

Acacia has a deeper and richer tone of brown than bamboo, and the antique styling of the Mountain Woods bread box has a rich tone that is pleasing in a kitchen.

Trees that are grown for the purpose of harvesting for beautiful items like this bread box help clean the air and decorate the landscape until they are ready for harvesting.

Grown on hardwood plantations, acacia is popular for its beauty and sustainability. With a rectangular shape, the box has one side that slopes to allow a large door to open and close with ease.

What bread maker owners love to do is usually to play around with their bread recipes. Be it the classic white bread or the healthy foccacia recipes that we are talking about, a minor tweak in the recipe or preparation process can indeed make a lot of difference to the outcome.

As you experiment with you own favorite recipes, it can be expected that some of your homemade bread may require more storage space than those loaves that you get from your store, and this model is large enough to contain them.

The Mountain Woods bread box is designed to hold only one loaf instead of two as some other models do, but it can hold oversized loaves perfectly. Highly trained craftsmen have designed an attractive accessory for your kitchen countertop that is tasteful and functional.

What’s Your Pick?

You have now seen 3 of what I found to be the best bread boxes that are currently selling in the market. So, what is your pick? Or do you have a great alternative that is not included in the list?

The great loaves of bread that come out from the finest bread machine that you’ve picked deserves proper storage of their own. While it seems trivial, these great boxes are necessary not only as a convenient storage but alos they are capable of preserving the freshness of your bread.

Image credit Ella’s Kitchen Company Limited

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