Breadman BK1050S 2-Pound: The Great but Affordable Bread Maker Option

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Breadman BK1050S bread maker reviews

If you’re anything like me, you try to buy fresh groceries from the market, to refine your intake of artificial ingredients by infusing your diet with natural food.

On the baking front, the Breadman BK1050S bread maker, a creator of 2-lbs of professionally baked dough, parallels and aids in this approach by making your daily bread from scratch, but I want to go deeper with this home appliance.

Come along for the ride and let’s see if it’s a shoo-in as the best bread machine, an appliance deserving of a place on my kitchen counter.

How Good is the Breadman BK10505 Bread Maker?

Key Highlights

A bread maker review conducted in my kitchen will attract hungry neighbors, but, before they arrive, I’ll endeavor to relate the top features of this stainless-steel package of baking goodness.

The Breadman BK1050S is a 15.5-inch tall container topped by an easy-seal lid. It sports 7 rounded buttons and a tiny LCD readout up top, a digital display that could have been a tad larger on a product that’s aimed at the best bread maker category.

Regardless of this minor quibble, the buttons convey their functions concisely, showing the would-be baker how to set everything from bread size, three sizes are available, to the length of the bake cycle and the color of the crust.

A conveniently printed menu on the lid matches numerical codes with baking styles, a convenience that enabled me to exercise precise control over my homemade loaves.

Image of Breadman BK1050S 2-pound bread machineClose up view of Breadman BK1050S bread machine

Detailed Functionality

Understandably excited at creating fresh bread from a lump of shapeless dough, I’ve added a slew of details to this bread maker review.

Firstly, there’s 14 menu functions adorning the lid. Those selections include low-carb, gluten-fee, french bread, and a whole smorgasbord of taste-styles.

I’m no cook but my experimental efforts never once produced a hardened loaf that was destined to become a doorstop, yet another major factor in defining this product as a winner on the bread maker list.

The interior workings use a collapsible paddle kneading design to prevent the rising bread from forming around the mixing assembly, but some users have been quick to note that the paddles don’t always collapse as intended, leaving a paddle-shaped mark on the virgin bread, or, though observed rarely, the paddle remaining embedded in the final loaf.

The best bread maker models on the market should promote ultimate control over all variables, a feature the Breadman BK1050S accomplishes, but this professional bread maker goes a great deal further.

There’s the indispensable feature to automatically add portions of fruit and nuts, a design extra that comes top of any bread maker review when promoting versatility.

Imagine producing multi-textured loaves of tall bread and sliding the hot loaf from the brushed-steel package.

You slowly cut it, impressing everyone with the richly-flavored slices of nutty bread.

Harness more control over this vision by employing the handy 15-hour delay timer, finishing your input selections with a few taps on the crust color control to darken the outer layer of the bread from light-brown to a scrumptious chestnut-brown.

Zoom-in view of Breadman BK1050SPhoto of Breadman BK1050S

Final Thoughts

The final extras, and well thought-out features they are in a bread maker review, relate to practical considerations. There’s a collapsible measuring cup to ensure the ratio between dry and liquid ingredients is consistent.

A measuring spoon and recipe book finish the package and create a well-rounded product for the keen consumer in search of a highly-functional breadmaker.

It’s at this point I’d like to compliment the manufacturer on placing due consideration on the first-time and occasional maker of bakery-quality bread.

I’m talking about the addition of audio cues, a system of beeps that have saved my rising loaves from certain disaster by indicating the position of the cook-cycle.

Image credit Chiot’s Run

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