Breadman BK2000B: For Those who Want to Bake Like a Pro

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Breadman BK2000B 2 pound bread maker reviews

It’s little wonder that the addition of the Breadman BK2000B to my kitchen is changing the way I act in the kitchen.

Not only do I now have total control in the taste and health content of my bread, but I’m also finding all of the doughy mixing something of a treat.

The chore of baking is gone, and in its place stands the compact black plastic and brushed stainless-steel frame of the Breadman BK2000B, a remarkable home appliance that places check marks in the plus column of any bread maker review thanks to a long list of comprehensive features.

Bake like a Pro with Breadman BK2000B 2.5-Pound Bread Maker

Features You’ll Love

The Breadman BK2000B is my idea of minimalism done right. The appliance does everything a baker could ever desire while keeping simplicity of operation to the fore.

The 13.8-inch tall container is designed to make 2-1/2-pound loaves of fresh bread in a single pan, but there’s the option to use two smaller pans instead and bake separate loaves, a big advantage for some people.

That’s the kind of versatility that’s threaded throughout the design. The 14 baking functions listed on the top panel demonstrate this sensibility nicely, showing the capacity to create artisan bread, french bread, and numerous other tasty yeast-infused treats.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s a gluten-free setting for those users with particular sensitivities to the ingredient.

Product image of Breadman BK2000B bread machineClose up view of Breadman BK2000B

Moving the bread maker review inexorably onward, the build and design are the two factors that initially attracted me to this Breadman model. There’s an aesthetically appealing look to the appliance.

Angles are softened. Contours blend into those angled edges, and the overall design radiates quality, an earnest design ethic that marks the appliance as bound for the top bread maker listing.

I would note that the LCD readout seems a touch too small for short-sighted bakers like myself but the multi-segmented digits render sharply, so this is a moot concern.

Picture of complete set of Breadman BK2000BImage of bread baked with Breadman BK2000B Bread machine

Rounded buttons sit below the display panel in a simple array, each one designed to manage common bread making features.

There’s the regulation of crust color, the selection of loaf size, and the inclusion of a 15-hour delay timer to set the bread a-baking while I’m occupied on another project or at work.

Some Cautions

Having complimented the quality of build and the spartan though highly-functional control panel, there’s been some question over the collapsible kneading paddles used in the bread maker.

A top bread maker review suggests that the loaf should always appear consistent at the end of the baking cycle, but this model receives the occasional complaint in that the paddles either don’t collapse or they end up baked in to the loaf.

Control panel view of Breadman BK2000BTop close up image of Breadman BK2000B bread maker

I’d regard this as a slight negative, a detraction from an otherwise comprehensive set of features. Still, the majority of users regard the BK2000B as a winner in the best bread machine category, and I’m inclined to support this summary.

Small issues aside, my bread maker review for this Breadman model places great emphasis on the capacity and quality of the bread produced by each bake cycle.

The bread is consistently cooked, evenly baked, and the series of beeps used to cue the beginning of each stage of the bake are incredibly handy, an important plus of this bread maker.

The last major feature, one I’ve had more than a little fun in employing, is the fruit and nut dispenser, the ability to create nutty and fruity loaves for that ultimate slice of healthy bread.

The package includes a collapsible measuring cup, an adjustable measuring spoon, and a spiral-bound recipe book for assisting in transforming shapeless dough into tall loaves of delicious bread.

Image credit Bart Everson

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