Will Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Let You Bake Like a Pro?

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Want to Bake like a Pro? Get Yourself a Good Bread Maker

Finding the best bread machine gets harder every year. This is because the quality of bread machines is advancing so fast that the bar for the true best bread maker is raised again and again. The best bread maker released today may easily be dethroned by a newer model barely few months later.

Of all the models that are currently available in the market, Hamilton Beach Homebaker 29881 is among the most popular and most positively reviewed. But what is it that the manufacturer has strike it right among the consumers?

Scroll down and you’ll soon find out.

The Bar for Good Bread Maker

Most bread makers offer a minimum suite of convenient options, like a delay timer to set up a bake in advance and a multiplicity of settings to accommodate different kinds of bread.

Some go above and beyond by offering more variety or fancier customization, although the true test of whether a bread machine is good is whether it produces good bread.

Of course, it is not particularly difficult to improve over standard supermarket white bread by making fresh bread, but the ultimate challenge of a bread maker is to see how well its bread compares to hand-made fresh bread.

Plain white bread out of Hamilton Beach 29881 bread machineKneading paddle of Hamilton Beach home bread machine

Did Hamilton Beach 29881 Pass the Bar?

A Great Entry-level Option

The most important takeaway from good product review is to give you the right level of expectation about the product that you’re considering to buy.

Although it is true that most of the Hamilton Beach Homebaker owners have nothing but mostly positive things to say, it doesn’t change the fact that this is nothing but an entry-level machine.

Be sure to calibrate your expectation right. Priced at a fraction of higher end models like Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Virtuoso, drawing comparison between the two is not exactly fair.

Hamilton Beach Homebaker 29881 bread machine reviewDough mix of Hamilton Beach bread maker

My point is not to set your expectation unrealistically high. Doing so will be expecting another David vs Goliath match. Homebaker 29881 is a great machine but only when you compare it against similarly priced alternatives like Oster 5838 Expressbake.

What is Hamilton Beach Homebaker 29881 Made Of

This highly reviewed bread machine has the usual construction. A stainless steel case with an internal pan for baking. The machine has the market-standard 1 pound, 1.5 pound, and 2 pound loaf options with crust color and the usual assortment of bread types – whole wheat, gluten free, low carb, and the rest.

That doesn’t mean that the HomeBaker has nothing original to bring to the table. Unlike most other machines, both the pan and the baking paddle can be washed in the dishwasher!

Usually, both of these parts must undergo a tedious hand washing process and bear warnings about not immersing them in water for too long in case their nonstick coating wears off.

Hamilton Beach is so confident in its parts that it even includes a second paddle so that the customer can bake a loaf, put the paddle in the washer, and then run a second loaf while the first paddle is washing. This is an unprecedented innovation in bread machines.

Few Things to Consider

We’ve so far seen all things good about the bread machine. Is it really a perfect product? Not quite. But given the price and the quality of bread it produce, I guess there’s just not much left to be desired.

If there is one common issue often raised by owners of the Homebaker 29881, it will be the kenading paddle. Like most entry-level bread makers, the HomeBaker’s paddle tends to stick inside the loaf at the end of the baking process. No matter how carefully you do it, chances are high that you’ll end up with big hole at the bottom of your loaf.

Be careful when removing it, because it is made of metal and can still be hot after baking ends, so use a wooden tool like a spoon to remove it from the loaf without scratching it.

Final Thought

I’ve so far come across few reports of owners receiving lemons for their purchases. This is not saying that there is 100% assurance that you’ll get a good product. But I think they deserve some credit for manufacturing a product with only tiny number of defects.

Hamilton Beach Homebaker 29881 is a reliable and well-built machine that produces good, dependable bread at a major savings of time and effort over hand baking. The convenience of a simple source of both bread and dough can make a big difference in the morning routine or dinner plans.

Based on the reviews that you’ve just read, I think you’ve every piece needed to crack the buying puzzle. If you’re looking for a great entry-level option, only few models have better ratings than the Homebaker.

Image source: Renata Diem

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