Can T-fal PF11EUS Balanced Living Bread Machine Deliver?

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Bake Your Own Fresh Loaf of Bread for a Healthy & Tasty Meal

Bake Your Own Fresh Loaf of Bread for a Healthy & Tasty Meal

Choosing the best bread maker for a modern kitchen is no easy task. T-fal PF111EUS Balanced Living bread maker review is highly sought after and that can only be due to one reason.

T-fal PF111EUS is the successor of a celebrity chef-endorsed bread maker, the Emeril T-fal OW5005001. Banking on the popularity of Chef Emeril Lassage seems to be successful in propelling the popularity of the OW5005001. However, T-fal decided to stop production of this highly popular model, only to the disappointment to many buyers.

Can the new T-fal PF111EUS hold a candle to its popular predecessor? Read on and you’ll soon find out.

What Makes this T-fal a Popular Bread Maker?

I am not a skilled cook, so at first I was nervous at the prospect of making my own bread. Baking bread has always seemed like the domain of people who enjoy spending hours upon hours in their kitchens.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that making bread with this machine is rather easy. The bread maker came with a little booklet of starter recipes, so I tried a few of those first.

I liked that the bread maker let me select the size of the loaf I would be baking and also determine how crisp I wanted the crust to be. It completely removed all of the guesswork from the project.

This really helped me in the beginning, since I had not yet developed a good eye for how bread looks when it is finished baking. I was spared a lot of frustration and burned bread.

Front view of T-fal PF111EUS Bread machineFreshly baked delicious bread out of T-fal Bread Maker

What Bread Maker Reviews are Saying

Not 100% Consistent

One bread maker review pointed out that this machine is not always consistent, and I have to agree. I am not a picky eater so this does not bother me, but people who like to have more control over the results of their cooking projects might be better off with a professional-quality bread maker.

While I still think that this product is the best bread maker for novices like me, experienced bakers would probably be disappointed by the machine’s tendency to overcook bread and the lack of flexibility beyond the preset options.

More than Just Bread

My favorite thing about this bread maker is that I can use it to make unexpected things. I love being able to make my own pizza crusts out of whole wheat flour and my own selection of spices.

I can make sweet loaves like banana bread, and I can also adjust my recipes to make bread for sandwiches. The last point is particularly important to me, since I like to save money and stay healthy by bringing my lunches to work with me.

A bread maker review for another brand mentioned that it can be hard to make bread that is not crumbly or flaky with a beginner-level machine. The bread might taste great and have a moist texture, but it falls apart when one tries to spread butter on it or layer other ingredients on top of it.

Control panel view of T-fal Balanced Living Bread Maker3 loaf size setting in T-fal PF111EUS Bread machine

Timer Function is Useful for Busy Owners

I firmly believe that this is the best bread maker for people with busy, hectic lives. It has an advance timer, so I can put my ingredients in the pan, set the clock for when I want the dough to start heating, and arrive home in time to enjoy my finished bread.

There is also a setting that keeps the bread warm without cooking it further. I can even bake gluten-free bread with this bread maker, which is impressive for a machine that is this small and geared toward new bakers. Many bread maker review writers are especially happy with this feature.

The T-fal PF111EUS Balanced Living Bread Maker fits neatly on my small counter top and visually complements the rest of my contemporary decor and appliances. I am now able to enjoy freshly baked bread whenever I want without any hassle or time investment.

Is T-Fal PF111EUS a Good Investment?

You’ve now seen what T-fal PF111EUS Balanced Living bread maker is capable of delivering. If you were previously eyeing for Emeril T-fal OW5005001, this will not be the perfect substitute.

The exterior of the two is different. If you love the style of Emeril OW5005001, there is a chance that you might not like the design of its successor.

In the end, it’s all about your pick. So do you think it has all the attributes that you’re looking for in a bread maker?

Image source: Christian Cable

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