Toastmaster TBR15: Probably the Most Stylish and Sleek Bread Maker

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The Toastmaster TBR15 defines itself with futuristic curves and consistently baked loaves of bread, but let’s cut through the rhetoric.

I want this bread machine review to fairly balance top features against possible flaws. So, without further ado, I’m going to take this baking tool through its paces and see if it has what it takes to become the best bread machine in its class.

Can Toastmaster TBR15 Produce High Quality Bread?

Getting to Know the Basics of Toastmaster TBR15

The softened lines and compact white case of the Toastmaster TBR15 1-1/2-pound bread maker characterizes the appliance as an ideal fit for contemporary kitchens.

The outer surface is lightly shaded and clean of decorative influences. I’m sure this is an insightful design choice to ensure the looks of the appliance match the uncluttered layout of today’s kitchen tools.

I particularly enjoy the bubble shaped window that tops the device. It’s a practically engineered addition to allow dough to rise, but it also lends a unique appearance to the shape, a factor that make this Toastmaster stand out in this bread machine review.

Getting down to the fundamentals, the functions assigned to this bread maker are typical of those found in models that are aimed at the best bread maker shelf, but there are certain features that I consider standouts.

For example, baking programs have been distilled down to 8 types of bread, and those settings are presented on a touchscreen panel, an aid I found invaluable when working with dough-covered fingers.

To illustrate my point, there’s nothing worse than making dough, only to have sticky fingers and a big mess to clean up afterwards.

The touchscreen simplifies this issue. I took a damp kitchen cloth and wiped the mess away in seconds, an act of cleaning that would be considerably harder on an appliance equipped with buttons.

That feature places a big check mark in the plus side of this best bread machine review.

Large Window Perfect for Curious Bakers

The large inspection window is a best buddy for those bakers ruled by curiosity, but I’m more interested in functionality as far as my bread maker review is concerned.

That means balancing electronic attributes and mechanical sturdiness against potential negatives. The electronic brains behind the baking mastery is all a bit ordinary.

There’s a 13-hour delay timer to add versatility to the start of a breadmaking session and a crust color control, but programmable virtuosity is substituted here with minimalism, which in itself can be considered an advantage.

Some bread making enthusiasts just want to see the magic in action, to dump in ingredients and see the bread rise, a feat this machine accomplishes perfectly.

The full list of features on the Toastmaster TBR15 conclude with a 1-hour “keep warm” cycle and the option to choose between a 1-pound loaf or a slightly larger 1-1/2-pound variant, an especially handy feature if additional guests are coming to dinner.

It’s difficult to find negatives to detract from the affordable price of the bread maker, but here goes nothing.

I’ve seen a few complaints regarding the leftover of ingredients in the corners of the baking chamber, but this tends to be typical of electronic bread makers, a flaw in many a bread machine review, and shouldn’t affect the quality of the loaf.

Also, the baking cycle takes approximately three hours, but this interval is consistent with the majority of appliances in this class.

One important consideration in choosing the best bread machine is in dismissing this long baking cycle, an obstacle the Toastmaster TBR15 overcomes when you select the fast bake program.

Answering potential customer issues and baking shortcomings with solutions in this manner is likely the reason Toastmaster is a such a highly regarded name in the kitchen appliance industry.

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